Crafted with passion for your passion 

Custom Knives 

A hand forged professional knife tells the story of its owner. Whether you're a hunter, fisherman, chef, adventurer, or collector, I craft the best knife for your passion and prestige. 

Crafted with passion for your passion 

Handmade Leather Gear

Engraved leather accessories serve as timeless personal statements. To create the perfect blend of form and function, I design and handcraft leather sheaths and rolls, belts and wallets, business agendas, cartridge belts, document holders and much more.

Crafted with passion for your passion 

Craftsman Guarantee

A premium product is made to withstand the rigors of time and use. My blades are made from certified steel, independently certified for Rockwell hardness and backed by a lifetime guarantee under normal usage conditions.

Making Knives with Functional Finesse

Blades are hand forged with sharp precision to serve each client.
Hunter Knife
The razor-sharp blade to use and abuse for skinning, cutting meat and breaking some of the bones. 
Chef Knife
The broad, sharp blade used by chefs for chopping, smashing, slicing and cutting boneless meat. 
Bushcrafter Knife
The reliable blade to use in wilderness, including for striking sparks from flint and batoning.  
Filleting Knife
The long, thin and flexible blade designed for the delicate tasks of fish filleting and slicing. 

Personal Prestige Products

Engraved premium leather products 

I use traditional methods of grinding and hand engraving to create stunning visuals that celebrate the essence of the great outdoors.

I meticulously select premium quality leather, as its rich texture ensures it stands up to the rigors of your lifestyle. 

Custom handles from natural materials

I create unique handle designs taking into account the intended use, ergonomic and aesthetic preferences of the customers, from natural materials.

From grand stag antlers and African rosewood to mesmerising resin and rare, dense timbers, each handle is crafted to perfectly complement the blade. 

Damascus steel knives

Ancient artistry meets modern prestige and usage in each Damascus blade. Each fold of the metal tells a tale of strength and beauty, creating a unique pattern that sets your blade apart from the ordinary.

Damascus steel knives are versatile and can be used for various purposes. 


A trophy is the memory of an exceptional story. A hunter values every unique moment of anticipation and the grace of cautious animals at every sound and movement.

A true trophy is more than antlers; it’s the experience and the respect for the hunt and the animal!

Hunting and fishing gear

Our passion deserves premium gear, exquisitely crafted to capture the essence of our adventures. Each piece created is unique and distinctively combines elegance with functionality to match our individual visions.

Tradition meets prestige in every stitch and detail - every desire is possible!

Some Words from Customers

The sheaths are of exceptional quality, finely crafted, and with special attention to detail. Your suggestions in choosing the appropriate sheath for each knife were very helpful. We will gladly return for new orders!
Pharmacy Manager
Ideal proportions for me, balanced, light, good finishes. The mouflon horn has an excellent grip. Used a few times, deboning some pork and lamb, and portioning a few chickens. I have never had to sharpen it so far.
The devil's recipe in the realm of leathercraft: quality leather, reddish-brown dye, and edges that mimic wood. No added chemicals, just rubbed with a sense of responsibility. Blades crafted with utility in mind, less concern for futuristic design. Anything you can imagine is made from leather, wood, steel, and bone. Never ceases to try new things, materials, solutions. Loves the work and respects the vision.
Business Director
The perfect gift for my picky husband. I talked to Adrian and ordered a personalized set - keychain, wallet and belt. My husband loved it and I love seeing him proudly wearing them.
The blade is razor-sharp and the handle matches my cutting style (this is what I specifically requested). The sheath is just gorgeous. I’m usually fussy about details, but Adrian proved to be an authentic artist.
I ordered custom agendas for my top clients and it went flawlessly – the order made my life easier; the agendas came in due time and are of fantastic quality. This kind of craftsmanship is hard to find nowadays.
Regsional Sales Director
Unafraid to try new things, approached the project with clarity and elegance. A passionate blade-maker who prefers practical solutions and doesn’t hesitate to contradict for your benefit. Honest, tough, unfiltered, but delivers quality beyond expectations. But my knife came out so beautifully that I found excuses not to use it.

Take Care of Your Unique Blade

Put a thin layer of oil or lubricant on the blade after each use. This procedure will avoid direct contact of moisture on the blade. Moisture helps the rusting phenomena. DO NOT store it in a leather sheath for a LONG period of time.
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