My Journey

A good blade is too hard to find 

Over a decade ago, I was searching for an exceptional hunting knife and was disappointed to find that customization options for both the blade and its handle were scarce.

My desire was for a knife that could embody my enthusiasm for hunting, a tool in which I could take pride as it joined me on my outdoor adventures.

In the end, it was the aged blacksmith in my native village who forged the blade for me, while I crafted a handle from basic material and fashioned a straightforward leather sheath to complete it.

From passion for hunting to craftsmanship 

My unsightly homemade knife was a source of pride, a testament to the work done by my own hands. As I boasted about my DIY endeavor to my fellow hunters, they too expressed a desire for personalized blades. This marked the beginning of my educational journey.

In the following years, I embarked on a quest, meeting with blacksmiths and leather experts, engaging with artisans eager to pass over their skills. I searched YouTube for more knowledge, developing a particular fondness for leather due to its versatility and potential for creative expression, which led me to craft a variety of items.

This path was neither short nor easy. I juggled my commitments between a demanding role as a commercial director, my young family, and a thirst to learn how to make more handmade products. Yet, crafting brought more joy into my life.

With each new skill learned and tool acquired, a friend’s day was made brighter. I gifted hundreds of the early products to friends and, in return, gladly took their feedback as invaluable insights to perfect my abilities and products.

Transforming craftsmanship into business

Throughout countless attempts, including both triumphs and setbacks, my expertise in this craft has solidified. Now I am confident in all my products so I transformed my passion into business.

I am proud that I produce only bespoken creations, tailored to capture the vision of each customer. I discuss with each and every client to understand the needs and desires and, then, craft a one-of-a-kind product to match their imagination. My commitment to uniqueness is unwavering. I do not mass produce and I am not using any molds or matrixes. I make every product with my own hands and mind.

My portfolio surpasses 1,000 delivered products, each accompanied by the satisfaction and pride of those who commissioned.

My goal is to materialize clients’ desires. By weaving together my passion and craftsmanship, I can bring virtually any concept to life.
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